It’s the fourth year since working in Japan. And I finally started my blog in 2021. “Never too late!”, I told myself. And just before turning 30 years old, I did it!

So who am I?

I am Keng, from Taiwan, about to turn 30 years old. Currently a solution engineer in an ad-tech company. In fact, until mid-2020, I was working as a professional analyst in a real estate development company. And before that, my major in university is Microbiology. So in order to come to Japan and get a job, I worked very hard to learn Japanese. Finally, I get the offer and moved to Tokyo and pass a national exam to become a Japanese Real Estate Notary, working as a professional real estate analyst.

Why I start a blog?

After a couple of years later, I realize my interests are Technology. So I started to learn some programming languages in 2018.
As an analyst in the real estate field, most of my time was dealing with Excel (such as financial modeling), so I learned VBA at the beginning. I wrote some scripts (modules) to perform some of my daily routines with VBA, such as auto-formatting by dates, one-click updating data…etc.
The moment that the very first time my script running successfully is really stunning! I thought I could do a lot, a lot more with programming. In fact, I was not able to write scripts from scratch on my own. Thanks to the Internet, by referring to many websites, I wrote various scripts that make my daily work more efficient. So I decided, I should write something and post it to the internet as well. I know I am not a master in this NEW field of Technology, but I believe my newbie mistakes or thoughts should help other newbies in some ways.

What I write?

So I will write the new things I have discovered or some useful/interesting information, not limited to technology but also the topics of my own interest. Besides that, I will also share some contents of a couple exams I have prepared before (USCPA…etc).
And I will write everything in English even if my mother tongue is Chinese. Just like I mentioned above, I should share my knowledge/experience on the internet, and since most of the users on the internet are using English (including myself), so I decided to use English to start my blog.
However, I will also add some Japanese or Chinese to the article from time to time to provide professional words translation and explanation.
I know… my English might be a bit hard to understand and with some common grammar errors or weird words. But practice makes perfect, isn’t it?

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