Some useful tools/packages for R language

As title, here is some collection I found. Let me share to you.

GoogleVis API

Refer to this website, the googleVis package provides an interface between R and the Google Charts API. Google Charts offer interactive charts that can be embedded into web pages. So you can build a webpage with interactive HTML charts! (e.g. Make Maps with customized colors…)

This is just an image, not interactive… From HERE

Manipulate package

It can let you dynamically change values and automatically corresponding to the charts so that you could know the impact of that specific value/parameter.

“The manipulate function accepts a plotting expression and a set of controls (e.g. slider, picker, checkbox, or button) which are used to dynamically change values within the expression. When a value is changed using its corresponding control the expression is automatically re-executed and the plot is redrawn.”

Refer to this website


rCharts is an R package to create, customize and publish interactive javascript visualizations from R using a familiar lattice style plotting interface.


rCharts let you play with Javascript to easily interactively visualize your chart (e.g. change styles of the chart including colors…etc).

Shiny & Slidify

Shiny can let you easily create a web application. And this service lets you deploy your Shiny applications on the Web.

Slidify is used for publishing reports (ppt) built by R. It can work with Shiny. So you can make a beautiful slides User Guide for your application.

Slidify helps you create and publish beautiful HTML5 presentations from RMarkdown


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