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I just started to use WordPress a couple days ago, and I found some nice plugins. One of them is this one “Table of Contents Plus”
Are you writing a blog on WordPress, and you want to add a table of contents because the text is long. Are there any plug-ins that can do this for me? One of the most famous plugins for generating a table of contents in WordPress is Table of Contents Plus. In this article, I’ll show you how to use Table of Contents Plus

Admin page –> Plugins –> Add new –> type “Table of contents plus”


Is a table of contents really necessary?

Most of the Japanese articles I’ve seen include a table of contents (sadly Chinese articles are not). This is great because it is very easy to read and you can skip over the information you don’t need and just see the information you want.
A table of contents (目次 in Japanese) not only increases the convenience of users but also helps authors to check whether they have organized the contents by looking at the table of contents. If the order of the headings is messy or unorganized, the table of contents will be difficult to read. Check the table of contents to make sure that your headings are in order and organized. A table of contents is especially effective for articles with a long number of words, so it is definitely worth implementing.

How does it work?

Table of Contents Plus control panel s located inside the Settings. It generates headings based on the “headings (H1 to H6 in default)” on a page.
Therefore, be aware that if you do not use any headings at all on your page, you will not see a table of contents.


You can specify its settings :

  • Display condition: “How many headings should the table of contents be generated automatically?”
  • Auto insert for the following content types: Set which pages will be automatically displayed in the table of contents.
  • Heading text: The title of the table of contents. Here, I leave the default setting.
  • Enable smooth scrolling effect: This function would let you scrolling smoothly when you click on the table of contents instead of jump into the part in a hard way. Which is a very nice effect!

Example of mine

So my very first table of contents would be like this!

it looks a bit wired… but who cares? I am a newbie


What do think about this plugin?
…Well, don’t think, just download it and try it first!
I know, I know… I am just starting and do not actually have so many contents to write yet, this plugin might look redundant for me at this moment. But always need to get prepared in advance, right?

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