WordPress: Create templates with reusable blocks

Is there any way to create templates without any plugin? Yes! You can create templates with reusable blocks. And I am going to show you how to!

First, create a reusable block.

Type anything and create a reusable block in the editor (at any post) by moving your mouse to the block and click the dot-dot-dot icon.

Go to “Reusable Blocks edit page”

Click the + icon and navi to Reusable section, click “manage all reusable blocks”

Then you will be moved to the “Reusable Blocks edit page.

Reusable Blocks edit page

Create your own templates!

Apply to your new posts

Type forward slash “/” with your template name, the reusable block will show up.

Remember to Convert back to regular blocks

This step is very important! Because all your change will change the master block and infect all other posts that using this template(this reusable block)


So this is the new thing I learned about WordPress today, I hope you like it!

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