Solution for the VMware Workstation error due to not disabling Device/Credential Guard

As the title, I was going to use VMware for my very first time, and I got this error message.

I know I need to config … again … Windows destiny…

So I clicked the URL the error prompt box provided and follow the resolution.

To resolve the issue do one of the following:

Upgrade host hardware and software to meet minimum requirements as described in the Cause section above. Disable Hyper-V in the Windows host, then launch VMware Workstation and power on VMs. Note that Windows host VBS will be disabled automatically if Hyper-V is disabled

But after checking the “turn windows features on/off” menu, there is not Hyper-V selection for my windows10. I realized that it was my windows version that is early than 1909 (mine is 18xxx). So I follow this URL the “For Microsoft Windows 10 Home” paragraph to add some key in the Registry Editor. After restart my machine, I could use VMware now.

Extra issue: There is not enough free space on os x base system to install

I was not able to install os x for not enough free space issue, then I re-created the VM split 100GB but still got the same error saying not enough… why? Then I found this youtube… Follow the video… problem solved!

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